System Running Slow?

Do you need a faster computer or more hard drive space? We can help with all types of upgrades and computer services to help your system live up to your expectations



Popups? Trojans? System Freezing? We can help, contact our team today with any problems you may be facing. we can help resolve this


Broken Screen?

Broken anything in your computer or just wish to replace it with something up-to-date contact use whether it's a graphics card upgrade or key missing from your keyboard we offer a service to suit you.

A bit about us

Here at Yobi Tech, our team's priority is to ensure that your computer or technology repair experience is second to none. We pride ourselves not only on our computer or technology repair skills but also on our ability to ensure that our customers are completely happy with the whole Yobi Tech Service.

You wont find any geek speak here. Just straight talk in plain english, a friendly attitude and Bournemouth's best computer & technology repair experience, bar none!


resourcesLive Support

can't get your computer to us? we can get to you via live support which allows us to connect remotely and fix the problem. weither its big or small our remote support allows us to control your machine virtually